Optus $30 Prepaid
3 GB for 30.00 AUD

Starter package
30.00 AUD

Optus now also offers prepaid SIM cards with bigger included data volume.

Included volume:
3 GB valid for 28 days
Included balance:
SIM card sizes:
Standard / Micro / Nano
2G / 3G / 4G
Points of sale:
Optus Stores, 7-eleven, Post Offices


Including unlimited national calls and texts.
Music-streaming with Google Play Music, Pandora and Spotify is also included.
If you expand the package before expiry you can "roll-over" up to 15 GB to the next 28-day period.

Data Packages:

Expand your starting volume

Optus my prepaid daily plus

2.00 AUD

500 MB for 1 day

more information

Automated rebuy of 500 MB for AU$ 2 up to 1 GB total (for AU$ 4 complete cost).
Unlimited national calls and messages included.

Optus my prepaid monthly $ 10

10.00 AUD

1 GB for 7 days

more information

Optus my prepaid monthly $ 30

30.00 AUD

4 GB for 28 days

more information

Optus my prepaid monthly $ 50

50.00 AUD

7 GB for 360 days

more information

Last updated: July 5, 2017

Other prepaid data SIM card offers in Australia:

Country information

There are 3 network operators: Telstra, Opts and Vodafone who all offer could coverage in urban areas. In rural areas you always have to expect problems.

To buy a prepaid SIM card you have to register with a passport.

LTE frequency-bands can differ from international standards!