Nimm 3 Internet Wertkarte
100 MB for 2.00 EUR

Starter package
2.00 EUR

Cheap starter set which may already be more than enough for your stay; else you can also get nice additional packages.

Included volume:
100 MB valid for 15 days
Included balance:
SIM card sizes:
Standard / Micro / Nano
2G / 3G
Points of sale:


Data Packages:

Expand your starting volume

Nimm3 Internet 1 GB

6.00 EUR

1 GB for 30 days

more information

Nimm3 Internet 6 GB

12.00 EUR

6 GB for 30 days

more information

Nimm3 Internet 20 GB

20.00 EUR

20 GB for 30 days

more information

After reaching the 20 GB limit the connection can still be used, but is limited to 64 kB/s.

Last updated: Feb. 12, 2016

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Note: Austria has quite restricted opening hours for shops (compared with international standards). So it can be a problem to get a SIM card in the evening or at weekends.

Frequency bands are European standard. All providers offer LTE (upgrades).