vip Tourist offer
7 days unlimited data for 80.00 HRK

Starter package
80.00 HRK

Special tourist offer of the second largest provider in Croatia.The offer has been changed to an unlimited week pass (without paying extra for the SIM card as in standard offer).

Included volume:
Unlimited data for 7 days
Included balance:
SIM card sizes:
Standard / Micro / Nano
2G / 3G / 4G
Points of sale:
Kiosks, gas stations, supermarkets, Post Offices, Vip-Stores


We received a message that speed seems to be throttled to 64 kB/s after usage of 20 GB of data.
There is no activation needed (just insert SIM card and start using it) and good english information is available online.


Data Packages:

Expand your starting volume


15.00 HRK

Unlimited data for 1 day

more information

Unlimited data for 24 hours.

To activate the Daily package, send a free SMS with the keyword DAILY to 13220.
Once the 24-hour period expires, the Daily package is automatically renewed, but you can also deactivate it by sending an SMS with the keyword D to 13220.


75.00 HRK

Unlimited data for 7 days

more information

Unlimited data for 7 days
100 minutes in Croatia

Last updated: July 5, 2017

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Country information

In Croatia there are 3 network operators: T-Hrvatski Telekom, Vip and Tele2. The used frequency bands are european standard.

All major providers are offering special tourist packages, which are still hard to activate without linguistic proficiency. So I suggest to take instructions with you or ask a local seller for help.

Due to a special tax recharge vouchers cost more when the actual balance you get. So double check to buy the correct voucher you need for your selected package.