csl one2free Mobile Broadband Prepaid SIM Card
SIM-card with 100.00 HKD starting balance for 100.00 HKD

Starter package
100.00 HKD

Simple SIM-only solution with starting balance. English user interface to manage your prepaid SIM

Included volume:
Included balance:
100.00 HKD valid for 180 days
SIM card sizes:
Standard / Micro / Nano
2G / 3G
Points of sale:
csl stores, 1010 stores, 7-eleven, Circle K, Vango


No contract, no registration.
Activate your prepaid SIM by inserting into the device and connect to internet.


Data Packages:

Use your (starting) volume

7-Day Pass

78.00 HKD

Unlimited data for 7 days

more information

To activate that package call *101*832*4#

Day Pass

28.00 HKD

Unlimited data for 1 day

more information

To activate call *101*832*3#.

30-Day Pass – 3GB

148.00 HKD

3 GB for 30 days

more information

For activation call *101*933*2#.

30-Day Pass – 5GB

258.00 HKD

5 GB for 30 days

more information

To activate call *101*933*3#

Last updated: Dec. 7, 2016

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