FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions:

Regarding prepaid SIM cards, this page and many more … and ‚No‘, this is no Online-Store, just an informational page! ;-)

Because it is much cheaper and you don't have to worry about Roaming and data caps. If you plan ahead and know what you need you can get rid of all worries with a few minutes of your time. And as soon as you got your local prepaid package activated you can enjoy your trip while still being online whenever you want!
The data is gathered via long time collection, direct checks at providers website and a lot of input of our users. Many informations are based on first hand experience or provided by locals! Be sure to check the date of the last update and keep in mind with every piece of information that it may have changed in the meantime, as local regulations, price levels and and packages can always change.
In fact there may be some special roaming offers from your countries providers or you could use standard data roaming. There is also growing competition in the field of global data SIM cards with package prices. Both can be interesting alternatives and are also listed (partially sponsored) here, but currently locally bought prepaid data SIM cards still offer the best price-performance ratio. Still we appreciate if you buy your global SIM cards via our links to help us cover the cost for this site. :-)
Especially if you face a language barrier it is important to know what you want and where to get it. Just show the seller the package you selected in advance and ask for help to activate it.
Many sales points may have more generous opening hours when your local stores (especially on airports and train stations). But check country information for more details regarding general opening hours in your preferred destination.
We could never guarantee valid information. This site wants to give an overview over available packages, but remember that you are responsible yourself for buying the card on location and you should despair if things get complicated. If you are flexible and don't shy away from asking locals for help everything should work out fine.
Some providers really offer this service but in general SIM cards are only sold locally intentionally. And shipping costs could get quite high. But I hope I can mark all offers which contain shipping service to your home in the future.
If you are traveling by plane or train chances are high you get WIFI at your destination when arriving. To be safe I would still suggest to print out or store for offline use every information you might need to get your local SIM card fast and hassle-free.
Because it's not that easy to spot the correct offer for you and many people are afraid to get overwhelmed at location if things get complicated. But now you found the solution for that! :-)
Voice-roaming costs are quite well regulated nowadays and should not add up to enormous costs. On the other hand data roaming can get very expensive quicker when you would expect!
Smartphones you purchase together with a contract at your local provided are some times SIM-locked. To check if you can use local SIM cards in other countries best check your phone with a SIM card from another local provider. If this works, you should be quite save.
The number of always-on devices is steadily growing; and you want to use this devices anytime ... even in your holidays! O.k., you could turn of all syncing and be cautious when to use data, but that would not be fun. In fact it will soon be easier to invest your time an energy in buying a local prepaid SIM card on location.